Origin Marine Technical Services & Trading

Third Party Inspaection

  • Equipment procurement consultancy
  • Refine Clients Specification
  • Provide Full system to tender process
  • Offer latest technology consultation
  • Support client in Evaluation/ Negotiation
  • Seamless Integration of TPI process into the Tendering/ Procurement system
  • Third party inspection
  • key objective of delivering the best possible quality of cranes from the respective crane manufacturer to the end user. This principle is supported through reduced punch lists, shorter on-site commissioning durations and consequently improved start up reliability.

Inspection & Audit

  • Equipment audit
  • Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical condition commentary
  • Software analysis and de-bugging
  • Valuation for funding/ insurance purposes
  • Periodic and statutory crane inspection
  • Annual detailed examinations
  • 10 year, 25 year statutory through inspections
  • Tailored programmes to meet your local legislative requirements

Crane refurbishment

  • Upgrade solution
  • Drive upgrades
  • Total control system replacement
  • Span changes
  • Height of Lift increase

Maintenance Services

  • Regular/Breakdown/Shutdown Maintenance
  • Maintenance audit & analysis
  • Manpower supply/interview/consultancy

Spare part

  • Spare part procurement consultancy
  • Spare part recommendation, inspection
  • Spare parts sourcing

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